There is a plethora of energy efficient solutions available in the marketplace, but one that continues to be increasingly popular is voltage optimisation.

Voltage optimisation is the process of taking a sites calculated load profile and reducing it to a more acceptable and ‘optimal’ level. The optimal level varies depending on where in the world you are based but the principle applies to all ranges.

Receiving this overvoltage has adverse effects, not only by contributing to a mass of wasted energy and unnecessarily high energy bills but also on a business’s carbon footprint and electrical equipment – which can prematurely fail and experience shortened life expectancy.

The implementation of voltage optimisation technologies; such as those provided by global leaders, Powerstar, and their network of approved partners can benefit a company as after the device is installed in series with the mains electrical supply they will pay only for electricity they actually need and use.

Powerstar systems have been installed into almost every sector worldwide. Their bespoke solutions allow them to meet the requirements of each individual client and provide solutions designed to match specific site characterises through one of their VO product variations; Powerstar LITE, Powerstar MAX and Powerstar HV MAX.

Voltage optimisation should not be confused with other technologies such as step-down transformers or simple voltage stabilisers which reduce the voltage but DO NOT offer the energy saving benefits that a true voltage optimisation system can provide.


The correct type of VO is determined by understanding if a company operates either its own low voltage (LV) supply or HV/LV (distribution) supply.

Other factors also determine if a fixed or electronic-dynamic (variable) system is best suited to a site; such as the volatility of the incoming voltage profile, the amount of secure equipment running on site and the nature in which the business operates.

At Powestar a voltage optimisation is not an off the shelf product, but rather a bespoke solution and a site-specific survey should be undertaken – to ensure that the unit recommended and installed suits the requirements of the business, in order to maximise the benefits and savings.


  • Annual energy consumption savings of on average 12%
  • Payback periods frequently under 5 years
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Simple installation which can be completed in 4-6 hours
  • Included in Powerstar’s guaranteed savings
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Utilises electronic-dynamic technology