The Powerstar MAX system is an electronic-dynamic system, which means it can reduce voltage by a variable amount allowing it to optimise the ebbs and flow of an unstable incoming voltage.

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Is Powerstar MAX, variable optimisation right for my business?

Powerstar MAX optimisation systems are recommended, or ideal, for companies with the following profile;

  • The site has an incoming low voltage (LV) supply only
  • The site experiences a high level of incoming voltage
  • The site suffers from fluctuations in the incoming voltage supply causing voltage spikes and dips

Powerstar MAX’s electronic-dynamic or ’variable’ voltage optimisation technology has made significant savings in various industries, including;

Education facilities Education facilities

Manufacturing and industrial sites Manufacturing and industrial sites

Office buildings and retail outlets Healthcare estates

Office buildings and retail outlets Retail outlets, including supermarkets

Office buildings and retail outlets Leisure facilities

Powerstar MAX is not a ‘premium’ version of the Powerstar LITE system but rather an alternative solution for those businesses unsuited to fixed optimisation.


Variable voltage optimisation systems – such as Powerstar MAX, maintain the voltage at a constant and consistent level.

This means that if a site suffers from an unstable supply where it regularly experiences ebbs of voltage that the system can adjust to this, keeping it within an optimal boundary and therefore offer additional energy and money savings.

An example of this can be seen through the illustration on the graph.

  • The red line shows a sites unstable voltage which dips and rises – this can be a variation of as much as 30V per day.
  • The blue line shows a fixed voltage reduction which copies the incoming supply but at a fixed reduction rate.
  • The green line shows the variable optimisation where it senses the upcoming dips and rises and adjusts to account for them, ensuring a much smaller level of variance, a more stable supply and ultimately better savings.

Please see our dimensions table for typical case sizes for the Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

LITE v MAX Voltage Reduction Comparison