The Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system is a fixed system which is suitable for sites with a high but stable incoming voltage. It optimises by a calculated, predetermined, specific value in order to maintain an even level of voltage reduction.

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The Powerstar LITE VO systems are effectual energy savings solutions for companies looking to reduce electricity consumption and the associated CO2, carbon emissions.

Is Powerstar LITE , fixed optimisation right for my business?

Powerstar LITE optimisation systems are recommended and are ideal for companies with the following profile;

  • The site has an incoming low voltage (LV) supply only
  • The site experiences a high level of incoming voltage
  • The site has a stable voltage profile

Powerstar LITE’s fixed voltage optimisation technology have made significant savings in numerous industries including;

Education facilities Education facilities

Manufacturing and industrial sites Manufacturing and industrial sites

Office buildings and retail outlets Office buildings and retail outlets

The Powerstar LITE is not an inferior or ‘basic’ range product, but rather a solution suitable for sites with a stable incoming voltage. If this does not fit your sites requirements, then you can browse our variable system technologies; Powerstar MAX and Powerstar HV MAX.


An example of this can be illustrated through the chart (shown below).

The blue line characterises the voltage profile through a Powerstar fixed voltage optimisation system. You can see that it mimics the incoming supply but always optimised to a fixed, reduced rate.

Sites suffering from a fluctuating or unstable voltage would benefit from electronic variable voltage optimisation system, which can be provided through our Powerstar MAX system, the variable technology is represented by the green line in the chart.

Please see our dimensions table for typical case sizes for the Powerstar voltage optimisation systems.

LITE v MAX Voltage Reduction Comparison