Powerstar HV MAX is a super low-loss amorphous metal core transformer coupled with Powerstar MAX’s electronic-dynamic intelligent technology to provide a variable voltage output which achieves high efficiencies and controls the voltage output to reduce the electricity consumption on site.

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Is Powerstar HV MAX right for my business?

The Powerstar HV MAX system is best suited for sites with the following profile:

  • Businesses who operate their own HV/LV supply
  • Sites which have an inefficient or aged HV/LV transformer on site with high load losses
  • Companies suffering from a high incoming voltage profile

If Powerstar HV MAX does not fit your requirements then have a look at the LV range of voltage optimisation systems available with either Powerstar fixed voltage optimisation or Powerstar MAX variable voltage optimisation.

Powerstar HV MAX systems can be applicable to a plethora of different sectors and have already provided significant savings for businesses such as:

Education facilities Education facilities

Manufacturing and industrial sites Healthcare estates

Office buildings and retail outlets Utility companies

Office buildings and retail outlets Supermarket stores

Office buildings and retail outlets Government and local authorities

Office buildings and retail outlets New build developments